Horseshoe transforms your iOS 10 Control Center into a single-page experience

iOS 10 brought with it an updated Control Center UI, which has two pages (three if you have HomeKit enabled) that you can swipe between on demand. The first is dedicated to all of your controls, shortcuts, and toggles, and the second is dedicated to your music controls.

While the new Control Center design in iOS 10 aims to reduce clutter in Control Center, a new jailbreak tweak called Horseshoe can do the same while still keeping everything on a single page.

A great new UI for Control Center

Horseshoe is basically a redesigned Control Center for iOS 10, so if you’ve just jailbroken your device with Yalu and are looking for a great new jailbreak tweak to get you started, then you ought to spare some of your time to see what this tweak can do for you.

Above, you can see just how good of a job Horseshoe does in consolidating everything together into one page. It’s still pretty minimalist, so even if you normally cringe at things that don’t look like something Apple would bring to you out of the box, then you’re going to like the tweak Horseshoe looks and feels.

Horseshoe shrinks down the size of the music information page considerably, and then squeezes it below the toggle buttons; you can then use a 3D Touch gesture on the artwork to bring up your audio-out settings, which lets you choose where your audio gets streamed to, such as a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. This works for those who have 3D Touch devices, but for those who don’t, you can install a tweak called Peek-a-Boo that enables peek and pop menus on non-3D Touch devices.

Horseshoe also integrates the brightness and volume sliders into a single slider bar, while a toggle button on the left of the slider bar lets you switch between brightness and volume on demand, and it does away with the unnecessarily huge AirPlay and AirDrop buttons, and consolidates them right into the Night Shift button, which saves almost a half-inch of space. This change alone pretty much makes it possible to add the shrunken-down music controls onto the first page of Control Center without losing any functionality.

Also, the small details matter. When you press play or pause for your music, you’ll see an album artwork animation as it changes size. It shrinks down slightly when music is paused, and then grows a little large when you tap play. It’s kind of a nice aesthetic, in my opinion.

It’s worth noting that if you have HomeKit enabled on your device, then you’ll still have two pages for Control Center, rather than three, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re a HomeKit device user.

While the main goal of the tweak is pretty much aesthetic, the ability to perform certain actions with fewer swipes can certainly be considered a functional improvement too, especially since almost everyone listens to media on their iPhone at one point or another.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the new Horseshoe interface; it lets me use my device exactly how I always did before installing it, but with fewer taps to do so, as I can now utilize my music controls immediately after opening Control Center rather than having to swipe over first.

How to get it

Right now, purchases for jailbreak tewaks are not enabled in Cydia for iOS 10 devices, and Horseshoe happens to be a paid jailbreak tweak that costs $1.99.

This is typical when jailbreaks are brand new, and it just so happens that Yalu never actually came out of beta, so there’s no telling when the jailbreak might be considered “stable” enough for Saurik to enable purchases in Cydia for iOS 10.

That said, the developer of Horseshoe has set up a special purchasing system so you can download Horseshoe regardless. To get it, simply visit the link and follow the instructions, filling out the necessary information as you go.

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What are your thoughts on Horseshoe and the way it changes Control Center? Share in the comments below!