Don’t like the color of your AirPods? Have them repainted black to match your iPhone 7

Ever since AirPods made their long-expected albeit delayed debut, some Apple users—this author included—have been scratching their head over the inexplicable lack of a Jet Black edition. That’s why we’re thankful and excited for the BlackPods project.

Taking advantage of a proprietary three-phase coating system, BlackPods promises to give Apple’s first truly wireless earphones a luxurious scratch-resistant black finish that should match any Black, Jet Black or even Space Gray iPhone perfectly.

“We love Apple’s AirPods, but talked to many users who wished they could have them in other colors. It seemed that most AirPods owners wished they came in black to match their Jet Black or Black iPhones,” said Peter O’ Petteri, who founded BlackPods.

Their proprietary three-phase coating system was designed specifically for AirPods and developed in collaboration with automotive paint specialists, Petteri said.

Every pair of AirPods they paint black is hand-finished by a team of skilled artisans in Brooklyn, New York. “Whether you purchase them through us or send yours in, each pair of AirPods is subjected to a rigorous visual and quality inspection,” reads the website.

After sending your existing white AirPods to BlackPods for a paint job, you’ll need to wait about three days for them to complete repainting, plus additional shipping time (don’t worry, they will carefully package your newly black-clad AirPods).

Interested in pimping up your AirPods?

Head over to to buy a brand new custom-painted black AirPods for $249 or mail in your existing ones, in which case custom repainting will set you back $99 (for context, the standard cost for AirPods is $159).

Jet Black AirPods mockup top of post courtesy of Dutch 3D artist Martin Hajek.