Canopies, walkways, plants & more shown in latest iSpaceship drone footage

Despite Apple Campus 2’s progress being slowed down due to poor weather and heavy rainstorms, the latest 4K aerial footage of the massive ring-shaped structure from drone pilots Matthew Roberts and Duncan Seinfield shows that the 280,000-square-foot building is finally nearing completion.

Heavier work has been largely completed, with more landscaping and finishing touches in the form of walkways, lamps, parking lots and more now appearing on the site.

Greenery can now be seen over the underground tunnels as well.

Apple’s dedicated research and development building also seems nearly complete and solar panel progress is about 70 percent complete. A parking lot in front of the building is now paved even though most of the construction site still shows patches of water and mud accumulated from the rainstorms that hit the area recently.

Additional lighting poles have been added to both the paved area and the walkways to the sides and rear. Landscaping work continues around the underground auditorium where future Apple events and corporate presentations will be held. One of the videos shows workers installing rocks within the inner fountain of the main building.

At present, the completed parking garages are being used by construction workers.

When finished, the mega headquarters will accommodate over 13,000 Apple employees, as well as a new research and development building and many other stunning details.

After more than three years spent on the construction phase, Apple should soon start moving in employees. Investors are likely to grill executives on iSpaceship progress and budget during a conference call following Apple’s quarterly earnings report tomorrow.

Source: Matthew Roberts and Duncan Sinfield