How to locate your misplaced AirPods with Find My AirPods

AirPods in Find my iPhone

Starting with the release of iOS 10.3, Apple has included a new mode in the Find My iPhone app that helps you locate your AirPods. This feature happens to be very handy in case you misplaced your AirPods or just let one slip between the couch cushions and are having a hard time finding it.

Not only the Find My iPhone app will let you view the last known location of your AirPods on a map, but it will also let you play a high pitch sound to either or both AirPods, really helping you locate them if you misplaced them nearby.

How can it find the location of AirPods?

Although Apple didn’t share any details about this new feature, we can assume a few things about how Find My iPhone can place your lost AirPods on a map.

Because your AirPods are connected to your device via Bluetooth, it is very likely that when they disconnect from your iPhone, your iPhone will log the GPS location where that disconnection happened. This is actually similar to a feature that automatically logs the location of your car if it is connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone when you turn off the car (read: How to have the Maps app remember where you parked your car).

It can’t really locate per se, but it can remember the location where the AirPods and iPhone were “last seen together,” which would offer a high probability that your AirPods are still there, unless of course someone stole them and left with them.

How to use Find My AirPods

The concept is exactly similar to what you might already be familiar with in the Find My iPhone app.

How to locate your AirPods on a map

1) Launch and log in to the Find My iPhone app. After a few seconds, the app should show all your iCloud-enabled devices. In the list of devices, look for your AirPods and select them.

Find My AirPods

2) You will now see the last known location of your AirPods on a map. If your AirPods are circled in grey, it means that they are not connected to any of your devices, and your only option at this point is to drive to that location and hope your AirPods will be there. You may tap the Actions button and tap on the Car icon to get driving directions to the last known location.

How to play a sound to locate your AirPods

If your AirPods are circled in green, it means that they are connected to one of your devices. This is good news! Tap on the Actions button at the bottom.

Locate lost AirPods

3) Tap on the Play Sound button, which as the name indicates, will start playing a high pitch sound on your AirPods that will gradually increase to help you find them.

Play sound on lost AirPods

4) You will also have the option to mute the left or right AirPod, if necessary. This can be helpful if you only lost one AirPod.

AirPods found

5) Once you have found your AirPods, you can select the Stop Playing option.

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