OnceMore lets you repeat iPhone timers right from the Lock screen

If you’re familiar with the timer functionality that’s built into your iPhone and use it frequently to time stuff, then you might really enjoy a new free jailbreak tweak release called OnceMore.

This tweak adds a new option to the Lock screen whenever a timer completes so that you can restart another one immediately after.

OnceMore is perfect for those moments where you are timing some kind of competition and you plan to time something more than once in a row. If your competition involves some sort of rule to win at least two out of three rounds, this tweak is perfect for saving time in that situation too.

Rather than unlocking your device, launching the Clock app, and then visiting the timer tab all over again to set a spent timer back up again, you can simply tap a button on the Lock screen to achieve the same result.

As soon as you tap on the ‘Tap to restart’ button that appears underneath the typical “Tap to stop” button, the new timer will begin immediately and start counting down.

While I do wish there was some kind of “Ready, Set, Go…” functionality beforehand, it’s still a great new feature to have because it increases your options right from the Lock screen without even having to go through several more steps to re-enable the timer again.

OnceMore doesn’t add any options to configure to your device or the Clock app, so it’s a nice little addition to any jailbroken iPhone that sees a lot of timer use.

Adding to the sweetness, the tweak can be had completely free of cost from Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now, so don’t worry about shelling out money and not liking it later on.

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