Twelve South’s new ActionSleeve for Apple Watch is designed for the active lifestyle

Twelve South ActionSleeve Black 42mm

Twelve South has removed the veil from the all-new ActionSleeve accessory for Apple Watch, which is an armband accessory tailored specifically for the active lifestyle. It’s made to work with all sizes of arms and works with both the 38mm and 42mm variants of the smart watch.

ActionSleeve is intended to provide those who participate in more rigorous sporting activities a more secure way to wear the Apple Watch when the stock wrist location isn’t ideal, and it does so in a complementary way without sacrificing any of the Apple Watch’s functionality.

Twelve South ActionSleeve Workout

ActionSleeve comes in both black and red, the two signature colors of Twelve South, and is available in a number of different sizes to accommodate for different arm thicknesses. Those include:

  • 38mm – fits arms up to 15-inches around
  • 42mm – fits arms up to 17 inches around
  • 42mm slim – fits arms up to 13 inches around (black only)

At just $29, ActionSleeve offers an affordable alternative to a wrist-mounted Apple Watch. While on the upper arm, the Apple Watch is still capable of tracking your heart rate and fitness activity, and you can still view and interact with the screen as you could if it were on your wrist.

Twelve South ActionSleeve Touching Screen

Because a lot of sports and workouts often mean battering or flexing your wrists, having the Apple Watch somewhere else on your body can help get it out of the way while still maintaining data on your workout.

Because Twelve South expects you’ll be using the ActionSleeve during your most rigorous workouts, it includes built-in bumper protection to keep the edges of your Apple Watch shielded from shock damage. The Apple Watch simply snaps into the bumper in the band, allowing the heart-rate sensor to continue to keep constant contact with your skin.

Twelve South ActionSleeve Bumper

On the side of the bumper, cut-outs for the digital crown and side button are present so you can continue to use the built-in controls. Even the microphone has breathing room.

Notably, because the sensor is wide open, you can still charge your Apple Watch while it’s in the ActionSleeve, so you don’t even have to change it back to the stock wrist strap when you’re finished working out, unless you want to.

After you snap the Apple Watch in, a velcro strap lets you fasten it to your upper arm with just the right adjustment to fit your arm’s thickness. There are no notches to use, so you don’t have to worry about the strap being too loose or too tight.

Twelve South ActionSleeve Velcro

ActionSleeve looks like it has a lot of potential to solve a common problem for active Apple Watch users. If you’re interested in snagging one to get your game on, you can do so from Twelve South’s website for just $29.99.

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