Cook says AirPods are a runaway success


Asked by CNBC to share some thoughts in terms of AirPods, Apple’s boss Tim Cook responded by calling his company’s first Bluetooth earphones “a runaway success”. The CEO visited the floor of the New York Stock Exchange earlier this morning while on vacation.

“We’re making them just as fast as we can,” Cook responded when asked about the lack of available stock. Cook also shared a few tidbits regarding Apple’s holiday sales in a quick interview with CNBC.

Although he declined to talk specifically on Apple’s outlook, Cook did say that it’s been a “great holiday”. Estimated AirPods shipping times have slipped into February 2017.

Cook toured the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as a private citizen.

“I’m just here with my nephew, enjoying a couple of days in New York,” Cook said. “I love it. I wanted him to see what you guys do for a living.”

Source: CNBC