Nomad’s Rugged iPhone case makes plastic look classy

Nomad Rugged iPhone Case Rear

The new Nomad Rugged case has been my daily driver case for close to a month now, and having had the opportunity to go hands-on with it for that long, I have to say I think I’ll probably continue using it for a while longer.

Built into this incredibly thin, yet protective design is a case that can withstand your everyday clumsiness and still look good while doing it. Nomad’s design team has created a TPU-based case that actually looks good that can still take a hit and save your iPhone.

Two major materials have gone into making this case, including polycarbonate and TPU plastics, both of which are known for their effective flexibility and impact absorbance properties.

While most TPU-based cases I’ve tried in the past have been far from aesthetically pleasing, Nomad once again works their unique magic with their rugged case. This is a company that pays particular attention to detail, and they’ve managed to make even some of the industry’s ugliest materials look great with a unique rear pattern and careful machining precision.

Nomad Rugged iPhone Case Design

Because this case adds a decent beveled edge to the screen, you can lay your iPhone face down on flat surfaces without having to worry about scuffing your screen.

Nomad Rugged iPhone Case Front

The same can be said about the camera hump on the back of the iPhone, which is well-shielded by the case’s precision cut-out hole.

Nomad Rugged iPhone Case Camera

Unlike a lot of cases I’ve tried in the past, the Nomad Rugged Case has a very large Lightning port cutout, making it compatible with just about any Lightning accessories you can think of. It even works with some of our favorite iPhone docks, like those by Twelve South and Grovemade.

Nomad Rugged iPhone Case Ports

With precision cut-outs for the speaker grille and ringer/silent switch, sound isn’t muffled by the case, and turning on silent mode doesn’t even require you to slack on your nail-trimming just to reach the switch.

Nomad Rugged iPhone Case Switch

All of the buttons of the iPhone are covered with the TPU material, which unlike a lot of other TPU cases, surprisingly doesn’t make it any harder to press the buttons. Moreover, you will still feel the tactile click, which is a nice touch.

Nomad claims their dual-layer Rugged iPhone case meets military drop test standards up to 1.2 meters and provides 360º protection for your iPhone, and I have to say I agree.

While Nomad’s Rugged iPhone case is probably going to be my new daily driver because of the good luck I’ve had with it during minor drops that have happened to me during my holiday shopping this year, it’s only fair I show you a list of the pros and cons of the case before you consider doing the same:


  • Affordable
  • Slim and comfortable to hold
  • Unique design that makes even TPU material look good
  • Large cut-outs make accessing speakers, Lightning port, and switches easy
  • Bevel protects screen and rear camera from surface contact
  • Smoked finish looks great


  • The case is smooth and slick, so you need a good grip
  • Only available for the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

If you’re interested in picking up a Nomad Rugged iPhone case for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you can grab one on Nomad’s website for $34.95.

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