Samsung planning a software update to render remaining U.S. Note 7 phones useless


Not even the exploding batteries have stopped die-hard fans of Samsung’s ill-fated Note 7 from using the remaining phablets that are still in the wild. However, Samsung wants all Note 7 devices to be safely returned and is working on a software update that will render the remaining Notes in the United States useless, according to Samsung’s official blog post and a statement given to The Verge.

More than 93 percent of all recalled Notes have been returned in the United States through Samsung’s official Note 7 Refund and Exchange Program.

“To further increase participation, a software update will be released starting on December 19 that will prevent U.S. Galaxy Note 7 devices from charging and will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices,” said Samsung.

A Samsung spokesperson told The Verge:

Together with our carrier partners, we will be notifying consumers through multiple touch points to encourage any remaining Galaxy Note 7 owners to participate in the program and to take advantage of the financial incentives available.

A previous software update from Samsung has already prevented Note 7 devices from being charged past 60 percent. Samsung has also said that it will soon be disabling all wireless functions on the Note 7 devices sold in Canada.

If you have not yet returned your Note 7, Samsung advises you immediately power it down and contact your carrier to obtain a refund or exchange. As mentioned, the software update will arrive on December 19 and be rolled out within 30 days.

Source: Samsung via The Verge