Map your runs accurately without iPhone in Runkeeper’s latest Apple Watch update

RunKeeper GPS update Apple Watch screenshot 001

If you own an Apple Watch Series 2, you can leave your iPhone at home the next time you go on a run with Runkeeper as the app’s just been updated with full support for the built-in GPS on the Apple Watch Series 2. Runkeeper’s refreshed experience also includes new active metrics with charts for target pace and heart rate.

Runkeeper is a free download from the App Store.

By taking advantage of the new GPS capabilities in Apple Watch Series 2, Runkeeper can now track your runs precisely even if its connected iPhone isn’t on you.

The app’s supported leaving your iPhone at home when running with an Apple Watch for some time now: the new GPS functionality in the Apple Watch Series 2 simply lets it map your route accurately and provide richer stats for your workouts. It’s especially cool that the app displays the GPS signal strength in the form of single bars, unlike Apple’s own Workout app.

A post-activity GPS map is automatically shared to your iPhone so you can reminisce on your runs on a bigger screen. As a bonus, Runkeeper’s customizable activity screen makes it easy to cherry-pick the metrics you’d like to see on your wrist when running.

To change the stats, just tap an item after starting a run.

As mentioned, the updated app includes all-new charts for target pace and heart rate. In addition, Runkeeper now makes the watch vibrate as you clear each mile and uses a larger typeface on the activity screen.

The heart rate graph includes a snapshot of the last five minutes. The maximum heart rate defaults based on your age, but you can adjust that in settings. The target pace graph displays the past five minutes of your workout so don’t forget to set your desired target pace in settings before heading out on a run.

Top screenshot, from left to right: target pace, heart rate, four stats and pause screen.

Grab Runkeeper for free from the App Store.