100+ new creatures coming soon to Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go teaser 005

After analyzing new code in a Pokémon GO update coming next month, The Silph Road has discovered that developer Niantic Labs will be adding more than a hundred new creatures to the popular augmented-reality game, including normal and legendary ones.

In addition to the new species, the code confirms other new features like Pokémon trading, player vs. player battles, new ways to raise/train your monsters and more.

The most recent Pokémon GO update added a Nearby Pokémon feature, the purple shape-shifting Pokémon, called Ditto, and other perks.

So-called “moveset data” for the hundred new species has yet to appear on the servers. A client-side update will be required to pave the way for a whole bunch of new monsters to begin appearing in-game.

Niantic did not officially confirm the new creatures nor did it say when they might appear in the game. For what it’s worth, some sources have called for a major update to the game next month, ahead of Christmas.

Pokémon GO is a free download from the App Store.

Source: The Silph Road