Workflow updated with redesigned UI, search, profiles, and more

Workflow redesign 1

Popular iOS automation app Workflow received an update on Thursday that introduced a redesign across the app with a number of improvements. A redesigned onboarding system greets new users with a friendly introduction to the app, while the Gallery has received a number of additions for helping both Workflow newbies and veterans discover new flows.

Anyone downloading the app for the first time will be greeting with a more streamlined tutorial screen that recommends a few workflows for the user to select in order to get started. Even though I’ve built up quite the collection of workflows, there were suggestions that I hadn’t come across before and immediately selected to be added to my arsenal. The onboarding process also invites users to add the Notification Center widget, which is an incredibly useful tool for quickly launching workflows from anywhere – without having to open Workflow or even leave your current app, depending on what the workflow is designed to do.

Existing users will be able to take advantage of the redesigned Gallery, which not only looks incredible but features an improved layout and category navigation. The Gallery also now includes a search option for discovering published workflows beyond those featured, which will undoubtedly be of great use for those of us who prefer to see if someone else already shared their work before we attempt it ourselves.

Further, profiles have been added to tie the creator of a workflow to their masterpiece. Users can optionally enter their name, website, and Twitter handle into their profile, and visiting someone else’s profile will display all the workflows they’ve published to the Gallery.

Workflows themselves have also grown smarter with more rich contextual information automatically being displayed, such as rich details of an app in workflows that interact with the App Store, or an arrival estimate for Maps-based workflows. When importing a workflow someone else made, it’s now much easier to customize parts of the workflow that are specific to you – such as a contact – without having to find the action and edit the workflow itself.

Workflow redesign 2

If you’re an iOS user and you don’t have Workflow, you absolutely must add this essential app to your collection and set aside some time to explore its potential, adding or build the workflows you’ll grow to depend on daily.

Workflow makes iOS automation incredibly simple to begin implementing, and it scales excellently as your skills increase and the complexity of your workflows grows. Not only is this redesign absolutely beautiful to behold, but it adds several well-executed features, making it that much essential of a tool.

Workflow is available in the App Store for $2.99.