Beloved butt-looking peach emoji is back in iOS 10.2 beta 3, looks even more like a butt

peach-emoji-ios10-beta 002

The first developer-only beta of the upcoming iOS 10.2 software update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch brought out more than a hundred new emoji characters, including clown face, selfie, owl, shark, butterfly and pancakes, as well as updated designs for many of the existing, older emojis.

Somewhere through the process of redrawing some of the longstanding emojis, Apple realized its design for the peach emoji didn’t quite look like a butt as the massive discontent among users vehemently insisted.

But don’t you panic, emoji lovers and sexting addicts: iOS 10.2 beta 3 packs in a proper butt-looking peach emoji, as noted by The Next Web.

As you can see from the comparison images of the butt peach emoji in iOS 10.0 (left), iOS 10.2 beta 1 (middle) and iOS 10.2 beta 3 (right), it looks even more like a butt now.

Image via TechCrunch.

People are using the peach emoji for sexting.

Heck, I didn’t even know that was a thing!

With this change, Apple is “acknowledging that the peach is not only used to talk about groceries, but also fulfills a more rump-shaped role,” writes The Next Web.

I’m glad we’ve sorted out another major #FirstWorldProblem!

Source: The Next Web