PasswordRecovery stores passwords and recovers them when you forget them


It can be a pain to remember all your passwords, and that’s why password manager apps like 1Password exist. But if you don’t like the big price tag or the subscription models, then PasswordRecovery is a jailbreak tweak alternative you could check out instead.

This tweak comes with password remembrance and recovery options all in a single package so you’ll never forget your passcode or have to reset a password for any of its supported apps ever again.

So to start off, the tweak currently supports apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which are three of the most popular social networking apps you can use on an iPhone, but it’s also compatible with your device’s passcode passcode. The developer says this is the starting point for the tweak and he will add more as the requests come and if they are feasible.

PasswordRecovery works with the App Store apps of the services it supports so you don’t need to rely on Safari to utilize iOS’ native password-saving feature. Likewise, you won’t need to install another app like 1Password just to have to copy and paste your password in between apps all the time.

Instead, when you need to sign in to your social networking app, PasswordRecovery will remember your password the first time you enter it correctly and will save it in a secure manner. Afterwards, you’re free to sign out of your social networking app from your device because PasswordRecovery will remember it the next time you need it.

PasswordRecovery also utilizes Touch ID for security. When it’s time to sign back into a supported app you’ve logged out of, you can use your fingerprint auto-fill your saved password for you.

You can set up PasswordRecovery so you can recover a forgotten password by answering the security questions you set up. When you answer them correctly, you can view your password immediately with Touch ID authentication, or get it sent to the email you set up with PasswordRecovery. If a password is entered incorrectly too many times, PasswordRecovery will send you an email letting you know.

In case you were curious, you can’t view or edit the PasswordRecovery preferences pane without authenticating with Touch ID authentication either, so there’s almost no chance someone is going to be able to place their email address in the tweak’s preferences pane instead of yours to jack your passwords.

Here’s what the preferences pane for PasswordRecovery looks like:

PasswordRecovery Preferences Pane

Here, you’re going to fine a text field to enter the number of password attempts you can try before you’re asked to recover it, there are text fields for the security questions and answers you would like to be asked to provide whenever you do try to recover a password, and there’s a text field for your emergency email address where password will be sent if you forget it.

You can tap on any of the Backup or Recovery buttons for any of the supported apps, and it will take you through the steps to do so. You should tap on the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the preferences pane to save your settings any time you make changes; this will respring your device.

Overall, this tweak isn’t really a full-blown replacement for password managers like 1Password, but its deeper integration into iOS gives it a one-up in usability with your favorite social networking apps from the App Store and your device’s passcode (should you ever forget it). Touch ID makes its security strong, and the recovery options are just a bonus to give you leverage against forgotten passwords before you have to reset them.

If you want to give this tweak a try, you can download it today from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.50. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices.