It is now possible to create direct links to Apple TV apps

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Apple on Wednesday announced that it is now possible to link directly to Apple TV apps, making it easier for users to download apps for the larger screen. Using the Link Maker, developers, app reviewers, and just about anyone can easily link to a tvOS app, something that was not possible until now.

With this new change, it is possible to link directly to an app that is available on tvOS only. When clicking on the link, visitors are given the opportunity to view the app listing on their iOS device or desktop computer. From there, you can purchase/get the app, and if Automatic App Download is enabled on Apple TV, the app will be downloaded and installed on the set-top box next time you turn it on.

Let’s take the example of an app called Relaxing Fireplace FREE. Up until now, the only way to find this app that is only available on tvOS was to search for it in the App Store on Apple TV. This was not very practical or convenient. But with this new change, I can link to the app, and if you click on it, it will open the App Store app listing on your device, where you’ll be able to read more about the app and initiate the download on your Apple TV.

Make it easier for customers to view your tvOS apps on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on the iTunes Store on Mac and PC with a direct link your app’s product page. Customers who have enabled their Apple TV to automatically install apps can download your app straight to Apple TV from their iOS device or computer. Simply get the link from iTunes Link Maker and use it when promoting your app.

Before this change, it was impossible to link to an Apple TV app, unless this app was available for iOS as well, in which case, the link would have sent visitors to the iOS app listing in the App Store.

This effectively makes app discovery and download on Apple TV a much easier process. We’re glad Apple finally figured out a way to make this work.

Source: Apple