Apple aggressively boosting MacBook Pro orders with 15M estimated shipments in 2016

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As the Internet keeps whining about supposed lack of features on the new MacBook Pro (let’s bring back the floppy drive, shall we?) and Apple’s master plan to make us buy more dongles, the Cupertino firm appears confident in the face of strong criticism that its latest notebook is indeed going to appeal to the general public and mainstream users.

According to supply chain chatter echoed by Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes, Apple’s been pretty “aggressive” in placing orders for the new MacBook Pros.

Strong MacBook Pro shipments are expected to last until the end of 2016 since Apple is optimistic about the sales in the fourth quarter after initially placing conservative orders.

According to sources from the upstream supply chain:

The sources pointed out that Apple was not initially very aggressive about placing new MacBook Pro orders and was also said to have delayed the product’ shipment schedule by a quarter due to low yield rates for some components including hinges, battery and keyboard. However, Apple has started turning aggressive after the launch in October.

The same sources expect shipments of the new MacBook Pro units throughout 2017 to stay at the same level as in 2016. In other words, the Mac maker should see its related notebook revenues and profits growing in 2017.

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Taking into account the aforementioned rising MacBook Pro shipments, shipments of the new Pros could reach 15 million units in 2016 and another 15 million units in 2017.

We are now receiving repots that Apple on Monday began charging credit cards of the people who have pre-ordered the new machine, indicating first batch of the new machines is about to start shipping.

Source: DigiTimes