How to search along your route in Apple Maps

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Apple Maps has improved significantly over the years and is now miles ahead of its initial version in terms of reliability, accuracy and features. As part of another set of improvements in Maps, users can search for various points of interests along their route while navigating, stuff like gas stations, restaurants, shops, motels and other businesses.

You can then add a quick stop to your plotted route and even get an estimate of how it will impact the length of your trip.

In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to search along route in Maps for iPhone using a new feature called Quick Controls.

With Apple Maps on iOS 10 or later, you can use a new feature called Quick Controls to easily find nearby places, like gas stations, food and more—even while navigating.

iOS 10 Apple Maps Quick Controls search along route teaser 001

When you tap the search bar, Maps automatically displays categories for nearby locations, like restaurants and coffee shops. Tapping any category brings up relevant place suggestions that are tailored to your current geographical location.

To browse these places suggestions, swipe up on the menu bar.

How to search along your route in Apple Maps

1) Launch Maps on your iOS device and type in your destination into the text field at the bottom. Now tap Directions and choose Drive, Walk, Transit or Ride.

Tip: To avoid tolls and highways, go to Settings → Maps → Driving & Navigation, then tap the sliders for Tolls or Highways.

2) Depending on your destination and the current traffic conditions, Maps might provide multiple routes. The fastest route based on current traffic conditions is highlighted by default. Tap a route you prefer, then hit the green Go button to start navigating there.

3) To add a detour to your trip in navigation mode, swipe up on the menu bar to pull up an overlay with a bunch of category icons that represents points of interest.

4) Select an item along your route, such as Gas Stations or Restaurant, and Maps will serve up an in-depth listings of nearby place suggestions which are relevant to that category.

For example, tapping Food may show you Popular, Restaurants, Groceries, Fast Food, Cafés, Bakeries and Desserts. Tapping an item adds it to your trip and you’ll see an estimate of how much time the detour will add to your route.

Tip: You can add a detour to the route hands-free: just ask Siri questions like “Is there a gas station nearby?” and Maps will speak aloud matching place names and offer to add a stop to your route.

5) Tap the green Go button to prompt Maps to resume navigation. The app shall automatically adjust your original route to incorporate any selected stops.

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6) Add as many detours to your planned route as you like. When finished, tap the blue banner at the top of the screen to resume navigation.

Tip: Don’t forget that Maps lets you pinch zoom while navigating to see what traffic conditions look like ahead, as well as check out any obstructions and markers on your route for such incidents as road closures, construction and accidents.

7) To end navigation, tap the End button in the bottom-right corner, then hit End Route.

Tip: While in navigation mode, swipe up on the menu and tap Details to access detailed turn-by-turn directions, route overview, navigation voice settings and other features.

Searching along planned routes is not supported in Apple Maps for Mac.

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Maps on iOS 10 or later supports other features such as integration with ride hailing and restaurant booking apps, enhanced proactive suggestions, easier-to-read visuals with less distractions while navigating, remembering where you parked your car and much more.

Consult this support document to see if Nearby and other Maps features, like transit directions, are available in your area.