Report: new MacBook Pros, USB-C MacBook Airs coming this month

macbook pro oled 1

New MacBook Pros are still on for October, reports the often accurate Japanese site Mac Otakara. Citing a reliable source within Apple’s supply chain, the outlet says the long-awaited refresh of the premium notebook line is still on schedule for this month.

In addition to the MacBook pro update, the site also says that the MacBook Air line is also getting a refresh. It expects Apple to drop the 11-inch model, to focus on the larger 13-inch version, and it will include USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Will the next MacBook Pro be released some time in October? Is the MacBook Air model having a complete replacement as well?

According to information from a reliable Chinese supplier, Apple is planning to announce the new MacBook Pro within this month, and to begin shipping out to retailers in October.

There has also been rumors that they are going to cancel MacBook Air of the 11-inch model, to focus on the 13-inch ones.

Furthermore, it seems that they are also going to announce the new MacBook Pro at the same time, which will go on to replace the entire MacBook Pro series.

It seems all of these models are developed with support for the USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports in mind, and will no longer be compatible with the USB-A connector, and the MagSafe 2 and Thunderbolt 2 ports.

The rumor mill has been very consistent that Apple would introduce new Macs this month, including an all-new MacBook Pro with an OLED touch bar and Touch ID, but it’s now past mid-October and we’ve yet to hear anything substantive from Apple.

Source: Mac Otakara