Adobe pushes Flash Player security update fixing critical vulnerabilities

Adobe today released a new security-focused update for its Flash Player software in an effort to patch a series of vulnerabilities that could give attackers control of your computer. Although Safari on macOS Sierra disables web plugins like Flash by default, Mac owners who have a standalone Flash Player installed on their system are at risk, even if they’re using Flash Player that’s built into Google’s Chrome browser.

One of the vulnerabilities could allow for arbitrary code execution. Adobe has assigned today’s update its top priority rating so you’re wholeheartedly recommended to update your copy of Flash Player as soon as possible because Adobe itself states that the vulnerability could let an attacker take control of the affected system.

To update Flash Player to the latest available version, use the built-in update feature or download the new version from the Adobe Flash Player Download Center.

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Adobe said Macs with the following versions of Flash Player are affected:

  • Flash Player version and earlier
  • Flash Player Extended Support Release version and earlier
  • Flash Player for Google Chrome version and earlier

You can check your current version of Flash Player on Adobe’s website. If the web tool says you’re running Flash Player version or later, you’re in the clear.

Adobe also pushed updates for Flash Player for Windows, Linux and ChromeOS.

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If you use Google Chrome, the browser’s silent update mechanism should ensure that you’re always running the latest version of both Chrome and the built-in Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player Check for Updates Now

Those running the standalone Flash Player on their Mac should enable the option “Allow Adobe to install updates” in the Flash preference pan to automatically receive Flash security patches and other updates in the future.

Source: Adobe