How to clear all notifications from Notification Center at once in iOS

Clear All Notifications 3D Touch

It’s easy to lose track of the notifications you’re receiving on your iPhone and end up having dozens of them filling up your Notification Center. Thankfully, starting in iOS 10, you can now dismiss all of your Notification Center notifications in one fell swoop with a single gesture, making it a much quicker process than what it used to be

To dismiss all your notifications in Notification Center as fast as possible, you’ll need to have a device that supports 3D Touch. The following Apple handsets support this feature:

  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus

If you have one of the compatible devices listed above, then all you have to do to clear Notification Center in a jiffy is follow these steps:

1) Launch Notification Center by dragging down from the top of the screen.

2) Press firmly on the X button at the top of your notification list.

Clear All Notification Center Notifications At Once With 3D Touch

3) Tap on the Clear All Notifications button.

All notifications that were just in your Notification Center should now be cleared, and the “No Notifications” text should be displayed.

If you’re using an iPad Pro, whether it’s smaller 9.7-inch tablet or the bigger brother that comes in at a whopping 12.9 inches, you can still clear all notifications by pressing firmly on the X button with an Apple Pencil. Unfortunately, this won’t work on other iPhones and iPads that don’t support the accessory.

For those who aren’t on iOS 10 and are still rocking a jailbreak on iOS 9, check out a jailbreak tweak called EasyClear, which can add similar functionality to what has been described above (and more) to those devices as well.

Will you be using the Notification Center-clearing gesture on your iPhone or iPad often? Share in the comments!