Apple launches new ‘Spoken Editions’ content section in iTunes

spoken itunes

Apple on Monday launched a new section in iTunes called ‘Spoken Editions.’ The section can be found under Podcasts in iTunes, or in the official Podcasts app, with the tagline “Too busy to read your favorite websites? Just listen! These audio versions give you tons of great narrated stories.”

As we learned from the premature launch in September, Spoken Editions are podcast-like tracks that offer listeners audio versions of publishers’ articles. So if you don’t have time to read the latest article in Wired or Time, you can simply listen to them while sitting in traffic or working out.

Publishers providing content at launch include Wired, TechCrunch, Time, Playboy, .Mic, IGN, HuffingtonPost, Reuters, Mashable and others. Yes, there are audio ads, and the revenue is split between the publishers and SpokenLayer—the text-to-voice company that powers Spoken Editions.

Source: iTunes