How to have the Maps app remember where you parked your car


When you use Apple’s Maps app to navigate during long road trips, you may sometimes have to park in a large parking lot you’re unfamiliar with, and you may forget where you parked your car. Heck, you may go to the mall down the street and forget where you car is parked on that gigantic lot.

Starting with iOS 10, Maps can remember you where you parked your car so you don’t have to.

To take advantage of this feature, your car needs to have a compatible head unit with either Bluetooth or CarPlay.

If you don’t have that, we’re sorry to inform you that you’re out of luck. If you have one, then all you have to do is pair your iPhone with your car’s head unit and then tweak a special setting.

After pairing your iPhone with your car’s head unit, follow these steps to let iOS keep track of your parked car for you:

1) Open the Settings app on your iPhone and open the Maps preferences pane.

Maps app iOS 10 show parked location

2) Scroll down slightly and toggle on the switch labeled Show Parked Location.

After your drive is over and you park your car, this is where the magic starts. When the iPhone no longer detects a Bluetooth or CarPlay signal from your car, it will store your car’s location automatically, which is exactly what’s going to happen when you pull your key out of the ignition.

After a few moments, you should see a parked car icon in the Maps app, and you can use it to get back to your car after you’ve had your day of fun:

Parked Car

This feature would be useful for anyone who takes frequent trips to massive malls, theme parks, universities, or airports. Since these places typically have large parking lots, and sometimes more than one of them, it’s a great way to keep yourself from getting lost.


Will you be using the Maps app to keep track of the last place you parked? Share below!