More people are interested in buying AirPods than Apple Watch Series 2

iPhone 7 and airpods

According to a new survey of more than a thousand customers in the United States, conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch and cited in today’s BusinessInsider article, a whopping twelve percent of respondents are interested in buying Apple’s $159 wireless AirPods earbuds when they go on sale next month, resulting in an incremental $3 billion in revenue.

In fact, more respondents said they planned to purchase the AirPods than the new Apple Watch Series 2 (eight percent).

“Twelve precent of the US installed base could lead to up to an incremental $3 billion in revenue,” the analysts wrote. About 56 percent of respondents find their current headphones good enough and forty percent of respondents won’t be buying the AirPods because they deem the product too pricey.

Merrill Lynch survey purchase intent AirPods Apple Watch Series 2

According to analysts, “only a small portion of respondents own the Watch Series 1 and only eight percent of respondents intend to buy the Watch Series 2”.

I’m finding the results of this survey eye-opening.

For starters, fifty percent more respondents said they would be buying the AirPods than there were those who said the same for the Apple Watch Series 2. That’s remarkable given the Apple Watch Series 2 is on sale and available for hands-on experience in Apple Stores, but the AirPods will arrive in October and cannot be tried out yet.

Will you be buying Apple’s wireless earbuds?

Source: Business Insider