Minor Pokémon GO update improves stability of GO Plus accessory, adds bug fixes


Game publisher Niantic has launched a minor update for the popular GPS-based Pokémon GO game for the iOS platform bug fixes.

Version 1.7.1 can now be downloaded from the App Store and comes just three days after the update that enabled buddy Pokémon in the game.

The update primarily deals with improvements to the reliability and stability of the Pokémon GO Plus accessory, which officially launched in North America this morning, and also adds a quick help guide to the game that pops up when you pair the GO Plus peripheral with your game.

If you’ve never heard of Pokémon GO Plus before, it’s basically a wearable device that connects to your iPhone over a Bluetooth connection and helps alert you when you’re near Pokémon without needing to stare at your iPhone’s screen.

Apart from the Pokémon GO Plus-related changes, the update really only adds minor text fixes throughout the game, which typically involve changing color or size in certain interfaces for the sake of ease of legibility against certain background colors.

Version 1.7.1 is still blocking jailbroken players, which means you will still need to use a special workaround to play the game on any device you’ve pwned. Of course, this is as simple as installing another jailbreak tweak to spoof the fact that you’re jailbroken, so it’s not difficult at all.

If you’re not already enjoying the Pokémon GO experience, you can give it a try by downloading the game for free from the App Store. Those who are already playing can simply visit the Updates tab in the App Store to find the update waiting to be installed.

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