How to filter comments in Instagram based on keywords

Instagram rolled out an anti-harassment update for its mobile app on Monday that now enables users to filter comments from their photos and videos based on specific keywords.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can use it.

This filtering feature will be useful for moderating otherwise offensive or unnecessary comments from users on Instagram photos and videos on users’ personal accounts. You can specify any number of words you want filtered out of the comments on your media, and Instagram takes care of the rest automatically.

Filter Instagram comments on iPhone

To use the new feature on your iPhone, simply follow these steps:

1) Open the Instagram app on your iPhone.

2) Go to your Profile tab in the app and then tap on the Menu button.

3) Select Settings > Privacy and scroll down until you see the Comments cell, then tap on it.

4) Next, enable the Hide Offensive Comments toggle switch if it’s not already turned on.

5) Enable the toggle for Manual Filter and add words to the text field, separated by commas, that you don’t want showing up in your Instagram media comments.

6) Optionally, you can enable Filter Most Reported Words to have Instagram hide comments with words or phrases reported most on your items.

Instagram Privacy Comments that are Offensive and Keywords

And you’re done!

Filter Instagram comments online

You can also add keywords to watch for in your comments on the Instagram website.

1) Click your profile on the top right and choose Settings.

2) On the left, pick Privacy and Security.

3) On the right, go down to Comments and click Edit Comment Settings.

4) Enter the keywords into the text box and hit Submit. You can also optionally check the box for Use Default Keywords to hide comments with reported keywords from your posts.

Instagram Comment Filtering Online

So how does this work? Let’s say you added the word “Android” to your filter; if someone makes a comment with the word “Android” in it, it will not show up in your comments. Simple enough?

If you’re not already an Instagram user, or you don’t have the app installed on your iPhone right now, you can download the latest version of the app for free from the App Store.

Do you think you’ll be using the comment filtering feature from now on? Share in the comments why or why not.