Aloha Browser, ChalkStory, Hash and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

If you’re at all looking forward to Apple’s big event next week, this weekend is going to go by extremely slowly. But never fear, iDB is here. We’ve put together a great list of apps and games for you to check out over the next few days that will help you pass the time, and take your mind off that shiny new iPhone.

Aloha Browser


Aloha is a fast, full-featured web browser with a focus on privacy and security. It has a downloads manager for saving and accessing various files, tabbed browsing, passcode and Touch ID protection, and free unlimited VPN access. This means you can browse the web in confidence knowing you aren’t being tracked or targeted for ads. The UI design is sharp and in my short tests, webpages loaded quickly. If you’re looking for a private/secure web browser, check this one out. This app is available for free.



Are you a budding animator, or someone who just enjoys doodling? Check out ChalkStory. This app allows you to record what you sketch in order to create fun, animated videos that you can share with your friends. There is a 90-second video limit, a private messaging features to talk to friends, and you can pause mid-recording, enabling you to create stop-motion clips. I know there are several animation apps out there, but this one seems charming and easy-to-use. ChalkStory is available for free.



Hash is a news aggregator that’s actually been around for a while, but it recently got a makeover that has a lot of people talking. With Hash, you can consume trending news stories easily and quickly in bite-sized highlights. You can follow stories, receive notifications, access background info on a story, read opinions from influential people on a story, and even view a personalized video round-up every morning. If you’ve been looking for a different news aggregator, you should check Hash out. This app is available for free.

Line Defense


Mayday! Alien Invasion: New York, Paris, Moscow, London, Kairo, Beijing, Athens, Dubai. Line Defense offers a simple but extremely challenging game experience, with arcade gameplay that mixes elements inspired from games like Fruit Ninja, Arkanoid and Missile Command. Features include one finger swipe control, incredible original soundtrack, and unique bonuses, power-ups and bosses. This game is available for free.



As a block with unique abilities, you set off on a magical journey to uncover the origins of a mysterious darkness that is disrupting the harmony of the realms. BLUK is a physics platformer that offers beautiful graphics, an abstract storyline and endless challenges. It has one-touch gameplay, an ambient soundscape and atmospheric aesthetics very reminiscent of Monument Valley. If you’re looking for a fun new indie game to check out this weekend, this is it. BLUK is available for $1.99.

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