Plex can now record free over-the-air and cable broadcasts using HDHomeRun devices

Plex DVR Teaser 001

Available today as a beta release for Plex Pass subscribers, a new DVR feature allows Plex users to record both free over-the-air shows and cable broadcasts using their own digital antenna and HDHomeRun devices from Silicon Dust. As a bonus, it also supports non-DRM CableCARD channels on the HDHomeRun PRIME network attached digital tuner. This is a great feature addition that will put more television into your Plex-powered media center.

Plex is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV, as well as for the Mac, Windows, Linux and a host of other media-streamers and other devices and platforms.

“With Plex DVR, you can cut the cord and take charge of your entertainment destiny. These glorious HD streams were meant to be free,” Plex teased. “So join the revolution, ride the wave, surf it, join our cause… Whatever you want to call it, it’s time to take the power back and create your own tailor-made media experience.”

Plex DVR Mac screenshot 001

With Plex DVR, you can subscribe to your favorite shows or to all your favorite team’s games, search across saved recordings, choose to keep a fixed number of unwatched episodes for a show (or only recent episodes), sort shows by newest or oldest episodes and list all episodes at once regardless of season. Plus, your TV recordings can be streamed or synced to other Plex devices or the cloud.

Plex DVR Mac screenshot 002

And to make navigating TV content easy, Plex has licensed global program guide data for 71 countries from Gracenote and augmented their data with things like movie and show posters.

Unlike the typically complex and fragmented software that cord cutters need today, Plex replaces the bland electronic program guide, and eliminates the need for DVR recording software, automatically identifying and integrating with tuners and antennas.

Keep in mind that recording schedules and Plex DVR configuration can only be managed from within Plex’s web app at

If you’re a Plex Pass subscriber and would like to take the new DVR feature for a spin, download the latest Plex Media Server from Plex’s beta forum thread, bring your own digital antenna (any brand and type will do the trick), pick up a compatible HDHomeRun device and plug it into your network, then head over to Plex → Settings → DVR to configure your tuner, input some location data for the programming guide and get going.

Plex has said it will “likely” be offering more hardware support over time. During the initial beta release, DVR support will not be available for all platforms. Once out of beta, Plex DVR will be available as an automatic update for Plex Pass users.