Apple pushes new music discovery feature to beta testers ahead of iOS 10 release

iOS 10 My New Music Mix silver iPhone screenshot 001

First announced at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, a pair of forthcoming music discovery features went live on Apple Music this past Friday for iOS 10 beta testers.

Rechristened from “Discovery Mix” to “My New Music Mix” and available through the For You section of the Music app on iOS 10, this new curated playlist suggests tunes based on your previously played music.

As a bonus, you also get another personally curated playlist—“My Favorites Mix”. These two auto-updated playlists should take the pain out of discovering new artists and music from Apple Music’s vast content library, as first reported on by AppleInsider.

“Discover new music from artists we think you’ll like, refreshed ever Friday,” reads the description for the new “My New Music Mix” playlist. If that sounds a lot like Spotify’s Discover Weekly—which brings a playlist of personalized recommendations, updated every Monday—that’s because Apple probably took a page from Spotify’s book.

Because “My New Music Mix” is a personalized playlist, individual users will find different music in it, based on their musical tastes and listening history.

You can listen to the recommended songs in the “My New Music Mix” playlist, add them to your music library/playlist or subscribe to it which ensures you get dynamically updated recommendations every Friday, with new tracks automatically downloaded to your device for offline listening as soon as they become available.

At the bottom, you can check out featured artists whose music is included in the playlist. Additionally, Apple also rolled out another personally curated playlist, titled “My Favorites Mix”, which surfaces previously played songs mixed in with related tracks.

It’s right next to the “My New Music Mix” playlist so just swipe to get to it.

iOS 10 My Favorites Mix silver iPhone screenshot 001

“The songs you love and more,” reads the playlist’s description. “As you keep listening to Apple Music, the mix gets better.”

“My Favorites Mix” updates automatically every Wednesday.

Both these playlists are in addition to Apple Music’s existing human-curated song and album playlists which are updated on a daily basis. Still, “My New Music Mix” and “My Favorites Mix” should bring Apple’s streaming service one step closer to Spotify’s praised recommendations engine that for many people is one of the chief reasons for choosing Spotify over Apple Music.

Source: AppleInsider