Apple’s spun Turi into its machine learning division


After acquiring machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) startup Turi for a reported $200 million, Apple is now ramping up hiring for its new machine learning division and has spun Turi into that unit, according to job posts first discovered by MacRumors. Apple’s new division should remain in Seattle, where Turi was originally based.

Apple’s is seeking data scientists and advanced app developers with a minimum of 3 years experience with machine learning to help build proof-of-concept apps to help advance and improve multiple Apple products. The positions are based in Seattle and the job posts specifically state that Turi is now part of the new division.

Turi is the new machine learning division at Apple. We build tools that enable teams across Apple to develop machine learning solutions to power amazingly intelligent user experiences. We are looking for new energetic members to join our ML Applications team to collaborate with product teams on a variety of proof-of-concept projects.

Ideal candidates should have expertise in deep learning, natural language processing, image applications, recommenders, physical sensors and signal processing, indicating at some of the features Apple wants to advance with machine learning.

Apple’s stealth work on artificial intelligence and machine learning came to light in a recent interview journalist Steven Levy conducted with Apple executives, which details how AI and ML techniques are being used to improve Siri intelligence and natural language processing, the Apple Pencil experience and iOS 10.

Prior to the acquisition, Turi was building platforms to help develop intelligent applications using machine learning technology. Its products—including Turi Machine Learning Platform, GraphLab Create and Turi Predictive Services—were used by a number of Fortune 500 companies for fraud detection, recommendation engines, lead scoring and other predictive capabilities.

Source: Apple via MacRumors