FreedomPop’s new SIM gives you unlimited WhatsApp usage, 200MB data and more

FreedomPop WhatsApp SIM teaser

FreedomPop today announced a new SIM aimed at fans of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. The new SIM gives you unlimited WhatsApp usage in the United States and more than thirty countries worldwide, plus 200 megabytes of additional cellular data and 100 voice minutes. You can also earn additional free data every month by adding friends and completing partner offers.

After putting a FreedomPop SIM into your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can message people on WhatsApp and FreedomPop will cover all data used by the app, without eating into the additional 200 megabytes of data provided free each month.

You can use your 200MB monthly bucket and 100 voice minutes in 31 counties worldwide—including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy and others—without additional fees or roaming charges.

This zero-rated WhatsApp plan first launched in Spain last month. The company has partnered with more than thirty mobile networks worldwide to bring free global data to users, with more to come soon.

The SIM is available at

Source: FreedomPop