Will overhauled Apple Store shopping app launch today or next Thursday?

Overhauled Apple Store app App Store banner 002

Welcome to Thursday, when Apple typically refreshes its app and content stores with new apps, games and media. Bloomberg said last week that Apple was working on a totally overhauled Apple Store shopping app that should include a “For You” tab and have the same basic features and interface across the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Reports on Twitter and MacRumors reveal that a banner for the new Apple Store app has now gone live on some international App Stores, suggesting imminent launch.

The banner clearly promotes the new Apple Store shopping app with the tagline “Shopping designed around you.” As originally noted by MacRumors, earlier this morning Apple also added a new Easily Track Your Order section to its Shipping and Pickup page, showing off a partial order tracking screen from the new app.

Apple Store easily track your order

While Apple has not made any official announcement about the launch plans for the redesigned app, the aforementioned Bloomberg report, dated July 28, 2016, claimed the updated retail app could roll out in the next two weeks, se either today or next Thursday.

At the time of this writing, the US App Store still showed the old Apple Store app

Will you be taking the redesigned Apple Store app for a spin?

Source: MacRumors