iPhone 7 pre-orders to kick off on September 9?

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Last week, revered leakster Evan Blass of @EVLeaks predicted that Apple’s next iPhone would launch on the week of September 12. He later clarified that he was referring to the iPhone 7’s retail release—which should happen on Friday, September 16—not the launch event. Following up on his claims, Blass wrote today on Twitter that Apple will kick off pre-orders for the device on Friday, September 9.

“Confirmed: Pre-orders start on the 9th,” reads the tweet without mentioning any sources.

According to Blass, we’re now looking at the following dates:

  • iPhone 7 pre-orders kicking off on Friday, September 9
  • iPhone 7 hits store shelves on Friday, September 16

Based on these dates, and taking into account past iPhone releases, we can infer that Apple will hold a media event to announce the next iPhone the same week pre-orders are set to begin, on Tuesday, September 6 or Wednesday, September 7.

How do we know that? Because prior iPhones had their media events held on the Tuesday or Wednesday directly ahead of the pre-orders on the Friday the same week. As an example, the iPhone 6s was announced on September 9, 2015, pre-orders started three days later on Friday, September 12, and the device landed on store shelves Friday the following week, September 25.

What’s your read of these dates? What do you think, when will Apple’s iPhone 7 media event take place and when can we expect invites to go out?

Space Black iPhone 7 concept by 3D artist Martin Hajek.

Source: Evan Blass