Verizon launches new wireless plans with higher prices and more data


Verizon on Wednesday announced a new wireless plan platform and several new features for its customers. The new plan is more expensive, but it includes at least 30% more data than the previous offering, as well as new stuff like Carryover Data and Safety Mode.

It looks like they’re calling it simply the new Verizon Plan, and it comes in 5 flavors: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. The Small option costs $35 per month for 2GB (previously $30/month for 1GB), and the XXL gives you 24GB for $110 per month.

In addition to the new pricing, Verizon has announced an all new My Verizon app. Features include The Feed, which will tell you all you need to know about your data and account in one real-time feed, on-demand support and shopping, and an easy-to-understand bill.


The carrier is also introducing two new overage safeguards: Carryover Data and Safety Mode. Carryover data is what it sounds like, data you don’t use carried over to the next month, and Safety Mode throttles your speed to 128kbps after you hit your data limit, with no fee.

Finally there’s International calling and roaming for Mexico and Canada. Customers on Verizon Plan XL and larger will get unlimited talk and text from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada, plus you can enjoy your plan—data and all—when visiting either of the two countries.

The new Verizon Plan is available starting today for both new and existing customers, though customers on older plans can choose to keep them (for the time being). It looks like the plan is going to offer more value, but it’s also likely going to raise the bill for most users.

Source: Verizon