Long exposure and time-lapse photography made easy with updated Pocket Tripod

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Pocket Tripod, a credit card sized phone holder that started as a Kickstarter project in 2013, has been updated to accommodate iPhones and Android smartphones of all sizes, with or without a case. Created by Geometrical Inc.‘s Rambod Radmard, this tremendously useful accessory fits in your wallet and unfolds into a phone stand.

More importantly, it doubles as a mini-tripod for times when you need your iPhone’s camera to be steady. The updated version is expected to ship in October.

The new Pocket Tripod will set you back $25 a pop for the tripod and an additional $5 for the phone adapters. The accessory is perfect for long exposure and time-lapse photography and as such will be an indispensable piece of kit for iPhone photographers on the move.

“Never again be left without a stable platform for your iPhone or Android, whether it’s to capture breathtaking time-lapse videos and light paintings, making video calls, or just to watch movies on the go,” reads the blurb.

The original Pocket Tripod project successfully achieved its Kickstarter goal and was manufactured and shipped to all of its 2,565 backers on time. In an effort to make it compatible with smartphones that are in a case, they’ve updated it to be universal.

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“Instead of having it made specific to any iPhone, we’ve changed its design to take any device that matches its opening size,” the team wrote. Now each Pocket Tripod size has a wider opening than the next by an increment of 0.5mm, which should be plenty to match the thickness of almost any device on the market and any case.

The tripod can adjust to just about any angle and you can use it with your iPhone or Android smartphone while it’s in its case. The design allows the Pocket Tripod to pack the functionality of a full-size photography tripod into the size of two credit cards.

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As you can see for yourself, transforming it from a card to a phone tripod is as easy as a twist and flip. You can back the project at Kickstarter.

Source: Pocket Tripod and Kickstarter