Wallpapers inspired by the watchOS 3 Breathe app

Breathe app

Since WWDC 2016, we created a series of wallpapers featuring the iOS 10 and macOS wallpapers. Also, wallpapers inspired by other features of the new operating systems posted across the last couple weeks. Today will be another set in the same series.

A new feature of watch OS 3 is the Breathe app. The idea is another step in the increased health functionality of Apple’s latest offering. According to Apple’s keynote, breathing deeply several times per day provides decreased stress levels. An interactive watch app, along with a guiding lotus-like image encourages deep breathing at intervals throughout the day. Check out these wallpapers inspired by the new app for iPhone, iPad, and desktop. 

watchOS 3 Breathe app wallpapers

The first image below was submitted by @axinen, who is a frequent feature in the Wallpapers of the Week section. Follow him for other great themes and images.

Second, a pair from @Kiwimanjaro, whose images were posted to his online wallpaper gallery, Sweet As Apple. Check out the homepage for other creative downloads.

Both of these images were sourced through Twitter via @jim_gresham. Follow along with me during the week for other images or send tips/downloads my way to find yourself featured on iDownloadBlog’s weekly wallpaper post.

Breathe app wallpaper splash 2

Download via Axinen: iPhone; iPad (including Pro); desktop (2880 x 1800)

Breathe app wallpaper splash

Download via Kiwimanjaro: “Heavy Breathing;” “Light Breathing

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