Wallpapers inspired by iOS 10 and the new Home app

iOS 10 home app wallpaper splash kiwimanjaro

Last week, Apple announced new operating systems for all its hardware: desktop; phone and tablet; watch; and set top box. With thew new macOS and iOS systems, new wallpapers were included and we excitedly launched them a mere hour after the announcement.

Today, we highlight several wallpapers that were inspired by or variations of the new stock iOS 10 images. Additionally, there is a copy of the new Home app wallpaper, both red and green versions for your viewing pleasure. Step inside for your downloads.

iOS 10 inspired wallpapers

Today we highlight offerings by @Kiwimanjaro. Below you will find some handiwork, which I found listed on the gallery homepage, Sweet As Apple. Visit the site for some more great walls!

I sourced these photos from some tips via Twitter. You can connect with me via @jim_gresham, which I use to curate wallpapers for the weekly post and frequently interact with iDB readers. If you have any tips or wallpaper submissions, please pass them my way!

iOS 10 Wallpaper inspired kiwimanjaro splash

Download: gradient; textured gradient; noise textured gradient

iOS 10 splash icon wallpaper kiwimanjaro

Download: iOS 10 gradient

iOS 10 Home app wallpapers kiwimanjaro

Download Home.app wallpapers: red; green

Gamecenter iphone wallpaper kiwimanjaro

To remember the Game Center good times, download: dark; light

Previous wallpapers

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splash images via placeit.net