iTunes 12.4 bug causing Apple Music playback issues with tracks shorter than 60 seconds

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There seems to be a bug in iTunes 12.4 which causes playback issues with Apple Music tracks shorter than 60 seconds, MacRumors reported today.

The problem allegedly stems from a buffering bug that apparently causes iTunes to never begin downloading the next song in the queue if it’s shorter than 60 seconds. Basically, iTunes is left waiting for a download to finish that has in fact never started. The bug has been reported to Apple and we expect it to be fixed in a future iTunes update.

MacRumors was able to reproduce the issue on Macs running OS X 10.11.5 and iTunes 12.4.1. The bug does not affect locally stored tracks and albums, only streamed songs.

The publication cites its forum member who, after monitoring iTunes network activity, suspected that the issue might be caused by a bug in how Apple Music handles buffering. When the current song is a minute from the end, iTunes starts downloading the next Apple Music track so that it’s ready to play when the current song is over.

“However, when the song is less than a minute long the next song’s download is never initiated, apparently because some ‘one minute remaining’ event is never triggered’”, explains the poster.

This issue is not reproducible in macOS Sierra or iOS 9.3.2.

Have you been plagued with this bug?

Source: MacRumors