TextEdit app spotted on iPad’s Home screen in WWDC session video

WWDC slide TextEdit icon on iPad home screen

TextEdit, one of the stock applications for the Mac, might be coming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, suggests an icon spotted on an iPad during one of the WWDC 2016 demos.

As first discovered by MacRumors, the “What’s New in Metal, Part 1” WWDC session video shows (mark 17:58) a TextEdit icon on the iPad’s multitasking app switcher screen and on the Home screen.

TextEdit, as you know, hasn’t made a leap to the iPhone and iPad yet. For those wondering, MacRumors ensures that there are no third-party apps that fully match the app shown on the image top of post.

It’s also possible that this is Apple’s internal app or an app used for testing which will never release for public consumption. Despite traces of native Preview and TextEdit apps discovered in iOS 8 beta code in June 2014, neither app has seen its official release on Apple’s mobile platform.

Former 9to5Mac writer Mark Gurman insisted in March 2014 that both TextEdit and Preview apps with iCloud integration would be integral parts of iOS 8.

The rumor has not panned out to this date.

Source: WWDC via MacRumors