iOS 10 tidbit: battery life suggestions

iOS 10 Battery Life Suggestions iPhone screenshot 001

One of the useful little things Apple’s built into iOS 10 without even mentioning it during the WWDC keynote or in iOS 10 marketing materials is a brand new feature designed to suggest ways users can maximize their iPhone’s battery life. Branded as Battery Life Suggestions, it appears automatically when your battery is not connected to power or using Low Power Mode.

The feature is pretty straightforward and it’s especially nice that battery-related suggestions are simple to understand and based on existing iOS features that are readily available to everyone.

As you can see, these get listed below the new Battery Life Suggestions heading in Settings → Battery.

Suggestions vary depending on your usage patterns.

If you crank up the brightness all the way up, chances are iOS will recommend either reducing brightness manually or using the Auto-Brightness function.

Similarly, if someone uses mostly cellular data and does a lot of web surfing on their device, they might see a suggestion to disable cellular data, and so forth.

Many average users are unaware that using cellular data consumes power faster or that the biggest power draw in a mobile device with an LCD display is the screen itself.

That’s why it’s especially great that iOS 10’s battery life suggestions cater to both pro users and novices who aren’t necessarily gadget experts, but will still get sound battery-saving tips based on their actual usage of the device.

Hat tip goes to iDownloadBlog reader Aaron.

Your thoughts on battery suggestions in iOS 10?