Google copies Apple’s 85/15 revenue split for subscriptions, without 1-year requirement

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Google surely didn’t waste any time yesterday. Just a few hours into Apple’s App Store announcements which revealed a new 85/15 revenue split for In-App Subscriptions, the Internet giant told Re/code that it, too, will be making a similar change concerning Android app subscriptions on the Play store.

But unlike Apple, which stipulates that devs will see the 70/30 revenue split turn into a 85/15 deal one after one full year of subscription, Google’s Play Store 85/15 split would take effect immediately, without the one-year requirement.

Sources told the publication that Google has already been testing the new split with some entertainment companies.

“Google started running the new model over a year ago with video services as a way to get Play subscriptions to work with its TV streaming offerings like the Cast dongle,” reads the piece.

It’s unclear when Google plans to roll out the new pricing plan.

Apple currently takes a 30 percent cut of subscription fees in the App Store with 70 percent going to developers. With the new policy, Apple wants to incent developers to keep the subscribed customer over time by letting them keep 85 percent of the proceeds after their customer stays subscribed to an app for more than one year.

Source: Re/code