New iSpaceship flyovers reveal progress on underground theatre, solar panels and more

iSpaceship update June 2016 image 001

As is their wont, Duncan Sinfield and Matthew Roberts posted their latest iSpaceship drone footage in razor-sharp 4K resolution. The videos show progress made vs. last month, especially regarding the solar panels on the roof and an underground theatre for keynotes and press events.

You can also see that additional curved-glass panes, window shades and solar panels have been installed on the ring-shaped building.

Apple anticipates it’ll be moving in by early 2017.

Taking to the skies

Here’s Roberts’ aerial footage, captured using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

Sinfield’s footage is embedded further below.

iSpaceship June 2016 progress update

A few quick observations about the progress Apple’s made:

  • There’s still work left to be done installing solar panels on the roof
  • The parking structures and parking tunnels are nearing completion
  • The underground auditorium and the fitness center are still work-in-progress
  • A chain-link fence now surrounds the entire site
  • Those massive dirt piles will be used for landscaping
  • The heating and cooling systems have been installed
  • On-site parking garages for 11,000 vehicles are nearing completion
  • A lot of progress has been made on the installation of canopies
  • Those curious-looking buildings being constructed on Lantau Avenue are Apple’s new research and development facilities

Feast your eyes on iSpaceship

Check out a few choice screenshots below.

iSpaceship update June 2016 image 002
Rooftop glass installation is still ongoing.

iSpaceship update June 2016 image 003
Vehicle tunnels for garage parking and a dirt pile in the background.

iSpaceship update June 2016 image 005
Actually, there are two dirt piles to be used for landscaping.

iSpaceship update June 2016 image 004
Circular entrance to the massive underground theatre.

iSpaceship update June 2016 image 006
Meet Apple’s research and development buildings where Jony Ive and his team will be conjuring up new products free of any distractions.

iSpaceship update June 2016 image 007
8,000 parking spaces among two garages, and more to come.

iSpaceship update June 2016 image 008
Apple is expanding onto neighboring blocks.

By the way, impressive job flying the drones!

Thank you, Duncan and Matthew!

These two drone pilots have been sending their expensive flying machines to the skies on a regular basis in order to film how the iSpaceship site has been progressing, and we appreciate their work and enthusiasm very much.

Source: Duncan Sinfield and Matthew Roberts