Rumor: iPhone 7 will enable more complex tactile vibrations via improved Taptic Engine

iPhone 6s Taptic Engine image 008

Mentioned as a side-note in today’s Nikkei report about Apple ostensibly switching to a three-year upgrade cycle for the iPhone is a brief mention of a supposed iPhone 7 enhancement that we haven’t seen detailed in prior reports and rumors: a “high-performance motor” that should enable richer tactile vibrations throughout the system.

The story is referring to an improved version of Apple’s Taptic Engine, which first appeared inside the Apple Watch before making its way inside the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 7 “will be able to create more complex tactile vibrations on the display because of a tiny, but high-performance motor equipped inside,” reads the news report.

A richer haptic feedback should bring new tactile vibrations to the experience that would come particularly in handy were Apple to introduce new 3D Touch interactions.

Image: Taptic Engine inside iPhone 6s.

Source: Nikkei