This multi-functional power bank charges your Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad

Multi-functional power bank Apple Watch iPhone iPad image 001

The Computex 2016 exhibition show is underway in Taipei May 31-June 1 and hundreds of technology companies are showcasing their upcoming products and accessories.

One of them is a Chinese company, called Tama Electric, which showed off an interesting 6,000 mAh multi-functional portable power bank.

Designed to charge an iPhone or iPad via its built-in Lightning port, the accessory comes with a twist in the form of an embedded Apple Watch charging disc and an MFi-rated, 1.2-meter Lightning cable, allowing you to charge your wearable device on the go.

Versatile power bank

Measuring 144 millimeter tall, 39 millimeter wide and 35 millimeter deep, the accessory provides a 2.5A output to fast-charge any iPhone or charge any iPad at normal speed via its built-in USB port.

Multi-functional power bank Apple Watch iPhone iPad image 002

The embedded Apple Watch charging disc provides 1 ampere of power, enabling magnetic charging of your watch. As mentioned, the product packs in a 1.2-meter MFi-certified Lightning cable. Other features include a built-in micro-USB port, integrated LED lights and more.

The accessory is not yet available for purchase yet, likely because it’s awaiting MFi certification, and lacks a price point. It will be available in black and silver.

Another gadget Tama showed at Computex today, ahead of the iPhone 7 release this fall: a Lightning-to-3.5mm-audio adapter with an integrated digital-to-analog converter.

Lightning to audio adapter image 001

As seen on the photo above, the gadget appears to have been designed to let you connect your existing analog headphones with the 3.5mm headphone jack to the handset’s Lightning port. The bulky gadget sports the physical volume up/down buttons and the power switch.

Source: Tama Electric