Bummed by iOS’s erratic text selection in Safari? Try this simple trick

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Sometimes it feels like I’m wrestling with iOS’s text-selection feature in Safari instead of it making my life easier. Increasingly, certain webpages either wouldn’t let me copy body text at all or would leave me struggling trying to make a precise selection.

More often than not, zooming doesn’t prove much of a help. This issue is particularly infuriating when trying to highlight a URL. But don’t worry, this is where iDownloadBlog’s how-to series comes to the rescue!

Here’s a simple trick which helps override this behavior, letting you highlight and copy text on webpages that don’t necessarily play nicely with iOS’s text-selection feature.

The answer to your text woes is Safari’s Reader Mode.

In Reader Mode, Safari scrapes the page and disregards all ads, navigation, toolbars and other parts of web code that is cluttering the webpage at hand. What you’re left with is pure body text, presented in a distraction-free environment.

How to select webpage text in Safari’s Reader Mode

1) Launch Safari on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

2) Navigate to a webpage that has been giving you a hard time selecting text on, and then enter the browser’s Reader Mode.

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To do so, just tap the icon in the lefthand side of Safari’s Smart Search field at the top of the interface (hint: it looks like four horizontal lines, resembling a passage in a book).

3) Now select text like you normally would.

iOS Text Selection iPhone screenshot 002

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen.

This method does not always work as intended as web code can confuse even Safari’s Reader Mode. Still, you should definitely memorize this handy trick because Reader Mode may help resolve many of the scenarios when iOS’s text-selection is erratical or wouldn’t let you select text on webpages.

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What’s going on here?

Apple is partially to blame because this issue is non-existent in desktop Safari.

I say partially because this isn’t entirely Apple’s problem to solve given that some web developers create complex layouts which may clash with iOS’s text-selection feature, preventing your from selecting individual characters or words with precision.

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