Jailbreak tweaks of the week, Kairos, ThemeStore, & more….

Tweaks of the week

It’s been another quiet week for the jailbreak community as the looming atmosphere of no recent jailbreak continues to surround this week’s tweak releases.

Now with iOS 9.3.2 available to the public, any team that has been testing a new jailbreak would have yet another software version to try and break into.

Nevertheless, there were still some good tweak releases this week, and we’ll start by showing you our favorites, followed by the rest of them in this roundup.

Our favorite release this week

Kairos – $0.99

Kairos is an awesome new jailbreak tweak that brings us all some functionality that we could actually use – Messages scheduling.

The tweak works with both iMessages and SMS messages and allows you to designate a specific date and time to fire off messages to individuals.

Kairos is built directly into the Messages app for the most native experience possible, and it works as great as it looks.

For more information on how Kairos works, you can read our full review.

Other releases this week

Round Profile Pic (for Facebook): Enables round profile pictures in the Facebook app (free – review)

Round Profile Pic (for Twitter): Enables round profile pictures in the Twitter app (free – review)

ThemeStore: Lets you enable night mode and other themes in the App Store (free – review)

TitleFolderSize: Change the size and more of folder titles (free)

WAEnhancer9: More great features for WhatsApp Messenger in iOS 9 (free)

That’s about all there was for this week’s tweak releases, but if you’re itching to see some more jailbreak tweaks, you can always head over to last week’s roundup to see what you may have missed.

We recap on everything every Sunday, so stay tuned to iDB for your jailbreak tweak needs!