Duo of tweaks enables round profile pictures in Facebook & Twitter apps

Round Profile Pic in Facebook app with jailbreak

As iOS moves forward in design, square profile pictures across the platform are becoming somewhat dated in terms of aesthetics.

A new free jailbreak tweak duo called Round Profile Pic (for Facebook) and (for Twitter) are available in Cydia that let you bring the round profile picture effect to Facebook and Twitter, an aesthetic that already exists throughout all modern iOS versions in various native apps.

Getting round profile pictures in Facebook and Twitter

Round Profile Pictures in Twitter

Round is the new square, or at least it seems that way in modern versions of iOS. Profile pictures in the Messages app and Contacts app are round, and it makes sense that your other apps should follow suit, even if they were downloaded from the App Store.

*Cough cough* Facebook and Twitter *cough cough*

Of course, not all third-party apps are on-time to the party.

Round Profile Pic is basically a tweak that simply enables the round profile picture aesthetic in the Facebook and Twitter apps for iOS. This works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in the latest version of the free Facebook app and the latest version of the free Twitter app and is purely a cosmetic effect.

There are no options to configure; once you install it, you can open the Facebook or Twitter app on your device and take note of the changes from anyone’s profile, whether it’s your own, or someone else’s.

My thoughts on Round Profile Pic

The idea of round profile pictures in the Facebook app and Twitter app is one that I particularly like. I understand that this is a dead-simple set of tweaks, but this is an aesthetic change that I think Facebook and Twitter are due for.

The dated square profile pictures just don’t match up with the current iOS standards, and this jailbreak tweak duo fixes that problem.

The rest of the Facebook page for the profile you’re viewing remains unchanged, and profile pictures from the News Feed and from the search function in the app will remain square, so this is something to worth noting. In Twitter, the round profile pictures are shown everywhere, including in the Twitter feed.

Overall, however, if you like the look of round profile pictures because the rest of the iOS operating system uses them, then this tweak might be worth the install just for the cosmetic difference alone (in my opinion).

Wrapping up

As square photos become a thing of the past, Round Profile Pic is a great way to bring the modern look and feel of a round profile picture to your Facebook and Twitter apps in iOS.

The two jailbreak tweaks are free and can be had from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. You just need to be using the basic Facebook app or Twitter app to take advantage of them. Third-party Facebook and Twitter clients are not supported.

What are your thoughts on round profile pictures in Facebook? Share in the comments!