These fine MacPaw apps are currently half price

Celebrating yesterday’s launch of Gemini 2, its duplicate file finder application, Ukrainian developer MacPaw is now offering a special 50 percent off store-wide discount on all their paid-for Mac applications, valid through May 17, 2016.

If you’ve been on the lookout for deep discounts on quality apps such as Hider 2, which lets you keep sensitive information and private files from prying eyes, CleanMyMac and CleanMyPC for optimizing the inner workings of your Mac and Windows PC or the aforementioned Gemini 2, this is it.

CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac is one of the best apps to free up Mac storage lost to caches, various temporary files and other cruft that has been accumulating on your system. But it’s more than that. With this app, it’s super easy to keep your Mac maintained and healthy and get rid of all the added extras in OS X without the worry of removing a critical file.

Grab CleanMyMac 3 with a 50 percent discount from the MacPaw webstore.


CleanMyPC, a PC version of CleanMyMac, lets you keep your Windows PC clean and organized. The app will remove files that are taking up valuable disk space and slowing down your computer. It removes caches, logs and temporary files, lets you uninstall applications and all their assets easily so there are no more leftover parts and pieces when you get rid of an app, and much more.

MacPaw CleanMyPC for Windows PC screesnhot 001

Grab CleanMyPC with a 50 percent discount from the MacPaw webstore.

Gemini 2

A smart duplicate file finder, Gemini 2 sports an advanced algorithm which pinpoints similar files based on a dozen different parameters. It’s super fast, sleek and fun to use. Gemini 2 can scan any folder, drive and mounted volumes with drag-and-drop simplicity.

REVIEW: Gemini 2 for Mac

Gemini 2 scans your iTunes and Photos libraries in search of retakes of the same picture or different formats of the same song. The app becomes smarter and more precise in automatic selection of duplicates the more you use it.

Gemini 2.0 for OS X scan results digital camera Mac screenshot 006

Current users of Gemini can upgrade to the new Gemini 2 with a lifetime 50 percent off discount. Moreover, people who purchased Gemini between April 10 and May 10, 2016, will receive Gemini 2 at no charge. If you own Gemini and will be upgrading to the latest version this week, MacPaw will treat you to a gift license on top of your upgrade.

Grab Gemini 2 with a 50 percent discount from the MacPaw webstore.

Hider 2

Hider 2 is a security-focused app that makes your private data private by protecting anything and everything you hide with it using strong AES-256 encryption. By comparison, OS X’s built-in File Vault feature uses a weaker XTS-AES 128 encryption.

Hinder 2 for OS X teaser 001

The app supports external storage devices and can encrypt and hide entire folders. Hider 2 supports Finder’s Tags, includes built-in secure notes, has a menu bar helper app and integrates with the Finder, meaning you can quickly stash your data away by selecting the Hide command in the menu.

Grab Hider 2 with a 50 percent discount from the MacPaw webstore.

The discounts are valid through May 17, 2016, after which the prices will go back up.