A handy collection of Snapchat hacks (from a pro user)

Snapchat banner

Snapchat has helped me realize I’m getting really old, really fast. While I understand the appeal of the platform, I just can’t get into it, yet it fascinates me to see how popular it is to younger users, some of them spending hours and hours in there each day.

This video popped up in my YouTube feed over the weekend, and not only did I find the content very interesting, but what struck me even more was how Victoria Samson delivered the message. To me, she perfectly illustrates the Snapchat generation.

In this video, fifteen year old Victoria shares a few Snapchat hacks, which quite honestly are brilliant. From recording a video hands free to viewing a monthly archive of all your Snapchats, these are very clever ways to make the best of the platform.

Note, Victoria also mentions a trick to screenshot Snapchat without sending a notification, but I believe this doesn’t work anymore. We do have a workaround that is still working at this time.

So here you go, pro Snapchat tips from a pro Snapchat user:



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