Jailbreak tweaks of the week: SwitchHUD, SilentMessenger, & more…

Tweaks of the week

It has been yet a relatively quiet week for Cydia yet again, but there have still been some noteworthy jailbreak tweak releases that we’ve shown you throughout the week.

Since it’s Sunday again, we’ll go through a brief roundup of what’s new in Cydia as of this week. We’ll start by showing you our favorite releases this week, and then we’ll show you the rest of them.

Our favorite releases this week

SwitchHUD – FREE

SwitchHUD toggle between ringer and media volume with Activator

iOS has multiple types of volume switching built into it, but two of the most commonly used are media volume and ringer volume.

By default, iOS always changes your ringer volume when you press the volume up or volume down button, but the media volume can only be changed with the volume buttons when media is actually playing. SwitchHUD makes it super easy to toggle between the two with an Activator action of your choice so you can use the volume buttons for either volume setting.

The end result is that you don’t have to open Control Center just to change your iOS device’s media volume when media isn’t playing. This can help you get to a comfortable media volume with the volume buttons before it starts playing so you don’t blow an eardrum with headphones or speakers.

For more information on how this tweak works, you can read our full review.

SilentMessenger – $1.50

Facebook Messenger speed boost chat

When it comes to Facebook or Facebook Messenger, your privacy is very important.

Facebook doesn’t seem to mind publicizing everything about you, such as when you were last active, when you’re online, when you read messages, and when you’re typing messages to people. On the other hand, Facebook doesn’t provide any way for you to turn these features off, leaving you wide open to internet stalkers.

SilentMessenger provides an array of privacy options for Facebook and Facebook Messenger on any iOS 7 to iOS 9 device, and even includes a number of other functional feature improvements for the apps. With it, you can keep people from knowing every time you lift a finger in either of the Facebook apps.

For more information on how this tweak protects your privacy while you’re online, you can read our full review.

Other releases this week

AlwaysNightMode: Enables night mode in the Maps app 100% of the time (free – review)

BounceEffects: Gives your Home screen various bouncing effects (free)

FBLandscape: Hides information from the right side of the Facebook app in landscape on iPad (free)

FVideo: A Facebook video downloader for iOS (free)

Marquee: Enables auto-scrolling for longer folder titles (free – review)

Passregex: Makes your passcode use Regex, A.K.A. regular expression (free)

StreakNotify: Shows the amount of time there is left for Snapchat streaks (free)

That’s about it for this week’s jailbreak tweak releases, but if you’re still looking for something more, you can always look back at last week’s roundup in case you’ve missed anything.