Apple TV’s Siri can now tune you in to live broadcasts in supported apps

tvOS 9.2 Live Tune-In splash screen Apple TV screenshot 001

Apple has enhanced the tvOS operating system via a silent backend update that now permits users to ask Siri to tune in to live broadcasts in supported apps such as Disney XD, ESPN and CBS, the latter having gained integration with the Apple TV’s universal search feature yesterday.

MacRumors has caught wind of this useful new feature addition on a splash screen that customers see after upgrading their 4th-generation Apple TV to the new tvOS software.

Specific examples mentioned in the description of the Live Tune-In feature include saying into the Siri Remote commands such as “Watch CBS” or “Watch ESPN live” to immediately tune in to these apps’ live channels.

“Some live streaming apps do require separate subscriptions to be able to watch live TV in the first place, so the CBS app won’t work for those who don’t have a CBS All Access account,” MacRumors explains. “Other live streaming-supported apps that don’t appear to incorporate Live Tune-In yet include ABC and Food Network.”

tvOS 9.2 Live Tune-In Apple TV screenshot 002

I signed up for a free 7-day trial of CBS All Access and can attest that the feature works as advertised. After pressing the Siri button on my Siri Remote, I said “Watch CBS live” and was immediately taken to the Live TV section within the CBS app and a live-stream loaded a few seconds later.

tvOS 9.2 Live Tune-In Apple TV screenshot 003

The aforementioned splash screen highlights the key features included in tvOS software updates. The one accompany the tvOS 9.2 software update, for instance, spotlights such features as support for the full iCloud Photo Library and Bluetooth keyboards, folders, Siri enhancements and dictation.

Source: MacRumors